Our Staff

Gabriel (Gabe) Garcia – Commercial and Residential Designer

Gabriel is a Commercial and Residential Designer at Ideal Designs, Inc. Gabriel attended Columbus State College in Columbus, Ohio. He began his career in Land Development, Construction Management and Design of Commercial and Residential Projects in 1987, and has designed over 1,000 custom homes. You may contact Gabe at gabe@idealcustomdesigns.com

Paul A. Paul III – Designer and Draftsman

Paul A. Paul is a Residential Designer and Draftsman at Ideal Designs, Inc. Paul attended college at the College of DuPage, in Illinois, getting his architectural education. He began his career in 2000. You may contact Paul at paul@idealcustomdesigns.com

Michael J Root – Licensed Architect

Michael J Root is a registered Architect with over 35 years of experience. Michael has designed many Commercial and Industrial projects. He specializes in Fabricated Metal Buildings. You may contact Michael at michael@idealcustomdesigns.com

Maria E. Sipich – Designer

Maria Sipich is a Commercial / Residential Designer at Ideal Designs, Inc. During her fifth grade grammar school class, she knew architecture was the career for her. Maria attended architectural school in Croatia and began her career in 1988. You may contact Maria at maria@idealcustomdesigns.com

Patty Biancalana – Commercial/Residential/Interior Designer

Patty Biancalana is a Commercial/Residential Designer and Interior Designer at Ideal Designs, Inc. She has been working in the architectural field since 1998. Patty attended Harrington Institute of Interior Design and has a bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts, majoring in Interior Design. You may contact Patty at patty@idealcustomdesigns.com

John F. Benware Jr. – Licensed Architect

John F. Benware, Jr. AIA is a licensed architect with over twenty years in the building design and construction industry. He works closely with clients to bring their vision to reality through the entire design process from project concept to constructed reality. John has a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in architectural design. John has a broad range of project types, including single and multi-family residential, retail, office, as well as medical and industrial design. In addition, John is an active member of the American Institute of Architects. You may contact John at john@idealcustomdesigns.com

Brittany Wilkens – Junior Architect

Brittany Wilkens is a Junior Architect at Ideal Designs, Inc. Brittany received a bachelor’s of science in architecture from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. She has been working the in architectural profession for three years. Brittany’s aptitude for the arts and sciences as well as her experience working with Habitat for Humanity throughout her high school career sparked her interest in pursuing a career in the architectural and construction field. Brittany’s focus at Ideal Designs is utilizing model software to enhance and highlight the buildings created by the design team. You may contact Brittany at brittany@idealcustomdesigns.com

Kerry M. Schmidt - Executive Office Manager/Consumer and Employee Relations

Kerry Schmidt is the Executive Office Manager at Ideal Designs, Inc. After her thirteen-year management career in the banking field, Kerry decided it was time for a change of scenery and changed her career in retail banking to Office Management. You may contact Kerry at kerry@idealcustomdesigns.com

Jack Carroll - Graphic Designer

Jack Carroll is a Graphic Designer at Ideal Designs, Inc. Since enrolling in 2014, Jack is on track to earn his bachelor's of science in Human Comunnication at Arizona State University by 2018. Jack has been with Ideal Designs, Inc. Since 2014. You may contact Jack at jack@idealcustomdesigns.com